If you live in Chicago or in a suburb nearby, I would strongly recommend this location for your photography session. Not only is it accessible all throughout the year, but it also offers a lot in one location. Lincoln Park is located on the North-side of Chicago a couple of hundred feet away from Lake Michigan. With its unique advantageous location, the park offers lots of greenery views with fine art architecture and a magnificent view of the city of Chicago. Finding parking in this location can be a breeze depending on the time you choose to schedule your photography session.

There are two large private parking locations, but if you're from the city, then you have access to public parking on Stockton Drive. Be sure to look at the signs to avoid parking in a tow zone.

Lincoln Park is home to the Bridge over South Pond. On a clear day, the pond oversees a small pond and a skyline view of the John Hancock Center and other famous buildings. This is a perfect backdrop for group photos or individual shots.

West of the park and only a 5-minute walk away from the bridge is the Education Pavillion. This architectural structure was erected in 2010 and works as a creative backdrop for both single and group shots.